Connect with LDS single adults... Over dinner!

Casual, small group dinner parties

Are you looking to connect and get to know high caliber individuals that maybe don't come to many Church sponsored events?   Look no further!

We plan casual, yet curated, dinners and events for amazing individuals who are members The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.    

Hosted at peaceful and understated home in Gilbert, Arizona, our dinners bring equal numbers of men and women ( in the same age range) together for a casual evening.  

Casual dinners with great chef-prepared meals

Join Individuals who share your values and commitments to living  a full and complete life 

A private Facebook group with participants

No Pressure, just a fun evening... Unless you want to get married, then, ok!

Why "The Menu"?

Back in the good ol' days at BYU, we didn't have online directories. We printed the ward list out with pictures. We informally called it "The Menu."

One time, I was in charge of the ward directory  I submitted the draft to the bishopric and called it "The Menu". The bishop did not approve.

We are trying to make a different way to meet single members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints over 30. Dating is hard. Meeting people is hard. We are just throwing parties for new friends. And, we will see what happens!